• There any fee to send the nomination/s?

    No, there are no charges for sending your award nominations.

  • Can we / I use the same form to send multiple entries?

    No, you must use a separate form for every nomination.

  • What is the last date for sending nominations?

    The last date for sending nominations is November 27th, 2019

  • Who will be the jury members?

    The jury will comprise industry experts and veterans. Please see the Jury page for the jury members.

  • When is the jury meet scheduled?

    3rd December, 2019

  • Can we / I speak or write to a jury member to discuss our / my nomination?

    Sorry, no interaction of any kind is allowed with the jury. Any attempt to influence the jury will have your nomination dismissed.

  • When is the Awards night?

    16th December 2019, Taj Palace, New Delhi.

  • Where is the Awards venue?

    The awards will be held at Taj Palace - New Delhi

  • Will you pay for our / my stay and travel if we are / I am a winner?

    No, you will have to bear all your expenses.

  • I have more queries. How do I get them answered?

    Please feel free to call us. We will be happy to address all your queries.